Terms and conditions of use

This term and agreement, being written in English (us), Should not be amended or pirated by any individual or cooperate body or organisation without the idea and consent of the management. Any form of translation in any language,which is not done by World Market Zone,or with its consent, conflicts this agreement and would not be tolerated.


This document, is that which governs world market zone and can be referred to as the 'World Market Zone Constitution'. It is mandatory that every user or potential users of world market zone, should accept this constitution at any point of its appearance before proceeding and it is important to read this constitution before accepting it in case it conflicts with the users choice. This constitution is applicable to all of world market zone users, services, products and others included but not specified which are part of world market zone.


  • we will in no way, restrain you from using this site and its properties except areas strictly restricted from general public, you can only be restrained if found not to comply with this terms.
  • we prohibit any interference with our systems, databases and any other internal property. as such, vices like hacking, public defamation, copying of items to embed on other websites and other forms of actions, which is known to be a cyber crime or which is not done with due authorization from the C.E.O himself.
  • to gain access to certain features on this site, you may be asked to register. By choosing to register, it means you have decided to provide us with accurate informations about yourself.
  • if you accept to receive newsletters, then you would be receiving newsletters from our site as part of an agreement you have opted for. you can wish to discontinue the process.
  • whatever property be it intellectual, material or physical, being submitted by you to us on any of our platforms, there will be an automatic transfer of ownership as such, such properties can no longer be returned to you.
  • opening and owning an account on our site, leaves you solely responsible for every detail you offer. we on our part, will do every thing to protect them, you are expected to do same and not disclose any of your private details such as password, username or others, to the general public.
  • you agree not to provide us with false informations.


  • By  signing this agreement, you have decided to keep the intellectual property of this site and its third parties safe.
  • by signing up with us, you automatically are our major priority as such, it is our duty to preserve your data.


we have the right at any point in time to shut down the activities of this website.

an account can be terminated without prior notice if found guilty of violations of any of this terms.


this site has third parties in it, and this third parties, are incorporated, to give you easy access to the site. all third parties found on this platform, are either owned by World Market Zone, or are from trusted sources.


all items found in the market, have been tested and trusted. Giving you the right to buy with peace of mind.


in cases of uploading to a market space, you are advised to upload items belonging to you with sure documentation. any suspicious item, would immediately be taken down. Whenever an upload is sent to us, it will take upto 3-4 days before getting approved to be sure the items are not false. and any item being uploaded to our server, if found suspicious, might give a reason to invite the security operatives.

by accepting this agreement whenever and wherever it may appear, you have signed to this contract.

Have a nice time.